We are prepared to service your needs...

When it comes to your electricity needs, we are here to assist you! Our service teams are on deck and ready to help with any variety of needs such as down power lines, tree trimming, power outages, and energy management assessments. Our service departments are available Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, excluding holidays.

A couple of very important things to keep in mind! Safety is the critical issue of the day when it comes to electricity and we always encourage our members to follow proper guidelines and precaution when dealing with electricity. For more safety tips, click here. Another factor to consider is- Call Before You Dig!

Before beginning any excavation work, call 903-482-7100 to determine where underground pipes and electric lines are located. Law requires diggers to call this number at least two days before starting excavation, whether it's a project involving heavy equipment or a simple backyard-landscaping job. We have enlisted a locating notification service called "Dig Tess" to assist in notifying all utilities near your worksite. Simply dial 1-800-Dig Tess (344-8377). State law requires that you notify all underground utility providers at least 48 hours before performing any excavation. Dig Tess can help you obey the law and may even save your life. Call Before You Dig!

Limited member services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our friendly dispatchers and/or member service representatives can answer most questions. Because we are owned by those we serve, we want to be here for you - when you need us, not just during normal operating hours. Call us anytime at our main member service number: 903-482-7100, or 800-967-5235 (toll free), for new service, construction/engineering, account inquiries, bill payment, or electric outage after hours.

GCEC Service Area

Below is a map that details our coverage areas by district. Each district has been assigned to a specific Board of Director as the representative for that coverage area. As a member, you have a democratic voice in electing your Board Representative.


Membership Handbook and Bylaws

Download this PDF file of your Membership Handbook and Bylaws to fully understand your rights as a coop member.

GCEC Membership Handbook


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