GCEC Electric Rates


Base Charge $18.00
Energy Charge Per Kwh $0.0970
PCRF* (see current month PCRF)
Minimum Billing $23.00
1000kWh $115.00
1500kWh $163.50
1558kWh (avg. billing) $169.13
2000kWh $212.00
* Power Cost Recovery Factor. This is basically the difference between our estimated cost of purchased wholesale power and its actual cost. This is the only variable factor in our rates, and it is analyzed monthly.
Prepaid Residential
Base Charge Amount $0.75 per day
Energy Charge Per Kwh Used $0.0970
PCRF (see current month PCRF)
* Minimum balance required.  SmartHub access required for payment and information.
All Energy
Energy Charge Per kWh Used $0.123253
* Minimum average 1500 kWh/month required.  No base fee and no PCRF is charged.
Small Commercial (Less than 50kW per month)
Base Charge Account $35.00
Demand Charge*  
1st 10 Kw $ –
Over 10 Kw $6.00
Energy Charge/ kWh Used $0.0855
PCRF (see current month PCRF)


* Measured in kilowatts, Demand Charge is based on the maximum amount of energy/power required to fill the needs of your account.
Large Power (More than 50 kW per month)
Base Charge Account $120.00
Demand Charge/kW Metered $10.00
Energy Charge/kWh Used $0.056
PCRF (see current month PCRF)
School Discount 20% (Effective 4/1/2011)
Security Lights
175 Watt MVL (Metered) $5.00
175 Watt MVL $9.00
100 Watt HPS $9.00
Other Fees & Charges
Membership Fee $20.00
Trip Charge (Collection) $60.00
After Hours Reconnect $125.00
Returned Check Charge $35.00
Tampering Charge $250.00
Account Establishment Fee $40.00
Account Transfer Fee $35.00
Delinquent Penalties 5%
***See Membership handbook on the Customer Service page for deposit information.
Current Month PCRF  
PCRF $0.0100
SmartHub/Pay Outage Street Lights Services Energy Efficiency Safety Zone