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GCEC is pleased to announce our new Automated Response System. The system has been implemented to assist our members by allowing them to enter outages, make payments, inquire on account balances, plus more via your touch tone phone. To access our automated response system for outages please dial 903-482-7111, for secure payments dial 844-252-5269. Because we strive to excel in personal service, our main number, 903-482-7100, will always be answered by our member services support staff.

Are you considering a wind or solar installation?

If you are, GCEC would like to provide you with the latest Distributive Generation Manual to help answer any questions that you might have regarding policy and restrictions. Simply click on the link below to receive a manual today.

Distributive Generation Manual (PDF Download)

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Join the thousands of American consumers who have sent letters and emails to elected officials asking about our nation's energy and climate policy. Click below to find out more.

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